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special Thanksgiving DedicationFREE Cookbook Option At no additional charge, you may choose from nine special occasion dedication pages, which will be placed at the very beginning of your cookbook. Special occasion dedication pages will provide your customer with an incentive to buy several cookbooks at one time to give as gifts.

Personalized cookbooks sell very easily all year long, and you really don’t need a special occasion to sell them; however, there are times when people are looking for special gift ideas. If you plan to market your cookbooks during one of these times, we can offer you a specially designed dedication page appropriate to the occasion.

Be sure to make note of the submission deadlines below for each special date in order to receive your books in time. The page can be easily removed if there are any books remaining after the special date.

special Valentine's Day
special Easter
special Mother's Day
Submit your order in December for
Valentine's Day Delivery
Submit your order in January for
Easter Delivery
Submit your order in February for
Mother's Day Delivery
special Memorial Day
special June Wedding
special 4th of July
Submit your order in March for
Memorial Day Delivery
Submit your order in March for
June Wedding Delivery
Submit your order in April for
4th of July Delivery
special Family Reunion
special Thanksgiving
special Christmas Day
Submit your order in April for
July Reunion Delivery
Submit your order in August for
Thanksgiving Delivery
Submit your order in September for
Christmas Delivery






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