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Self Publish your BooksInstantPublisher allows you to create your cookbook and transfer it over the internet to easily publish from 25 to 5,000 copies in less than 10 days. Now you can build a custom cookbook on your home computer using any PC or Mac-based’s easy, fast and very dependable. If you want complete control of your cookbook project with a minimum of only 25 copies, go to Fundcraft’s sister publishing site

Our unique custom software lets you create your cookbook in any PC or Mac program, upload it to our site and view it exactly as submitted, select publishing options and place your order using the talents and ultra-modern equipment of Fundcraft Publishing...all from the convenience of your own computer. And although cookbooks are very popular, you can publish any type of book in any language. It’s just that easy!

Four popular book sizes are offered: 4.25 x 7", 5.5 x 8.5", 6 x 9" and 8.5 x 11". Select from seven binding styles, and download page layout sheets for each size and tips for writing and producing your book. Design your own front cover and section dividers or merge one of our designs into your cookbook.

Your price per book is easy to obtain from the simple price calculator on the Instantpublisher site. It’s easy, fun and an excellent way to maintain full control of your cookbook. Now you have a way to self-publish any type of book— another exclusive offer from Fundcraft Publishing...the Cookbook People. (Contact us for book publishing).




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