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Type Recipes OnlineA Web ID number and password will be given to the chairperson at the start of this cookbook program. Every Fundcraft cookbook customer will be able to login at Short/Cut™ Online recipe typing program enables you to create and edit your cookbook online. If the chairperson decides to use Short/Cut™ Online, they can log on with their secure Web ID and password to customize their cookbook for their group.

Web ID and Password For FREE Web ID and Password. (After login you'll see the Member page,
as seen below).

Create and Publish Your Cookbook—
Example new cookbook customer


Cookbook Publishing is Easy—
Cookbook Publishing has never been easier with Short/Cut™ Online [Online Cookbook typing software].

The Chairperson will enter:

cookbooks the title of the cookbook,
cookbooks set the program ending date,
cookbooks enter a welcome message to contributors,
cookbooks determine the recipe section categories,
cookbooks and determine if recipe notes will be used.

Categories or sections used are: Appetizers, Meats & Main Dishes, etc. The chairperson can also determine if recipe notes will be used. Recipe notes allow each recipe contributor to enter comments about their recipes and are an additional charge.


publish bookscookbook new sampleAfter the Chairperson has Customized their Cookbook, the Web ID is distributed to members of the group or friends and relatives throughout the world. Anyone with the Web ID can log onto the site, select the correct category and type in their favorite recipe.

publish booksWhen the Ending Date Posted by the Chairperson Arrives, the chairperson can check through all recipes by section and make the necessary changes. The chairperson can print the file to her own printer to read a hard copy of the recipe pages. When the chairperson is finished with the editing process, she clicks "Submit Book" to send the file to Fundcraft for final processing into a finished cookbook. In order to complete the program, the chairperson must complete and mail the cookbook order form along with copy for the cover and local information pages and any artwork to be included in the cookbook.


publish bookscookbook new sampleWhen your Cookbook has been Formatted into the professional cookbook publishing recipe format your group selected, the billing correspondence person will receive an email notifying him that a proof copy proof copy checked of the recipe pages is available on our website for review if this option is selected on the cookbook order form. (This option must be selected on the cookbook order form). The billing correspondent will also receive separate emails for the cover proof, special pages proof, special divider proof, and advertising pages proof. Any corrections can be returned by email or fax, and Fundcraft will make the corrections. *Any changes to recipe pages will result in the deletion of the Short/Cut™ discount.



cookbooks You may choose other Methods of Creating your Cookbooks



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