Cookbook Checklist

online book orderschecklist before book publishing
Please review thoroughly the following checklists.

Final Design Checklist
      proofed book - order online Pick your binding style.
      proofed book - order online Choose your cover & divider set.
      proofed book - order online Choose your recipe format.
      proofed book - order online Determine the content of your local information pages.
      proofed book - order online Review the options listed on the order form. Be sure to clearly mark any you wish to include in your cookbook.

Final Recipe Checklist
      proofed book - order online Sort recipes into sections. Within each section, place recipes in the order you wish them to appear in your cookbook.
      proofed book - order online Proof all recipes.
 * Remember: Use uniform sheets of paper for submitting recipes. Tape smaller recipes to larger pieces of paper in order to keep submission size uniform.

Final Order Form Checklist
      proofed book - order online Write the name of the organization or individual publishing this book.
      proofed book - order online Complete ALL four (4) addresses so that questions, correspondence, delivery and billing are all directed to the correct locations.
      proofed book - order online Write the quantity of cookbooks you intend to order.
      proofed book - order online Determine your base cost per cookbook. This includes the number of recipes, and the number of books in your order.
      proofed book - order online Review and complete each section of the order form.
      proofed book - order online Calculate your total.
      proofed book - order online Have two (2) non-related adults sign the back of the order form, if applying for credit terms. Otherwise,
             be sure to include the 50% deposit.




Late Submissions—
              Be sure to submit all items and/or recipes with the order. Late submissions are acceptable before production begins, but will cause delays and incur an additional charge.
$10.00 per item - $25.00 minimum









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