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Local Information Pages - Publish my BookTell readers more about your organization or your fundraising goals with your free local information pages.

Local Information PagesFour free local information pages at the front of your cookbook may be used for your personal content, and up to six additional pages may be added for an extra charge. We offer eight sets of local information page graphics, which complement our recipe/section title graphics. If you prefer, graphics may be omitted by indicating so on your ORDER FORM. Please note that advertising cannot be placed on the four free pages.

One free black and white photo or sketch may be included in your local information pages and additional photos may be added for an extra charge.

As part of the base price, your cookbook will contain four local information pages, a table of contents, two indexes and a mail order page which will help sell your cookbook. The Fundcraft Cookbook Publishing Program marketing and supply kit includes layout sheets to help you put your local information pages together.

Free Features—Free Book Options
Four local information pages with your own content, including one black and white photo or sketch and your choice of nine page graphic sets.
     Cookbooks and Publishing Table of contents
     Cookbooks and Publishing Index of recipe titles
     Cookbooks and Publishing Index of contributors’ names (optional)
     Cookbooks and Publishing Mail order page (optional)


For Pennies More™—
     Cookbooks and Publishing Up to six additional local information pages
     Cookbooks and Publishing Up to three additional black and white photos
     Cookbooks and Publishing Full color printing of your photos

Photo Page—
Your local information pages will include one free black and white photo. Additional photos may be added for an additional charge. Photos can also be printed in color for a per photo per book additional charge.

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Cookbooks and Publishing Note: Our black and white printing method produces good but not high quality photos. The quality is comparable to newspaper photos, acceptable in short-run printing.

Please see artwork submission guidelines for photo and file requirements.

Recommended Content— Free Content Options
     Cookbooks and Publishing Title and officers' page, listing the names and functions of your group’s officers or cookbook committee members
     Cookbooks and Publishing Expression of appreciation, thanking those who collected and submitted recipes and helped in selling
     Cookbooks and Publishing Sketch or photo page, showing your organization’s building or group leader
     Cookbooks and Publishing Dedication page
     Cookbooks and Publishing Inspirational poem or story, such as "Recipe for a Happy Family", "Recipe for a Happy Home" or "Keep Your Fork"
     Cookbooks and Publishing Description of fund usage
     Cookbooks and Publishing Special letter from the group leader
     Cookbooks and Publishing Church schedule
     Cookbooks and Publishing List of past presidents
     Cookbooks and Publishing Family tree

Artwork Submission Guidelines—
     Cookbooks and Publishing Artwork Submission Guidelines

new Local Info Page Graphics

new Local Page Graphics





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