Fundraising Cookbooks

Fundraising Cookbooks brings great success and needed funds for any project. You can raise up to $25,000. What better way than sharing hometown recipes.


Order 300 cookbooks with 200 recipes at $2.95/each...=$885    
(Receive 300 cookbooks + 9 FREE freight books)    

Suggestive sales price $10/each ......................... =$3090    

 After Shipping Total Net Profit ........................... =$2205    

*Profit margins will vary according to your sales price.
You CAN raise up to $25,000 or more.

Book Cookbook Fundraising

Fundraising Cookbooks is a wonderful fundraising idea! Your cookbook fundraising program begins by collecting recipes. Favorite recipes are collected by people who love to see their names and recipes in print! You collect the recipes and FUNDCRAFT PUBLISHING, a cookbook publishing company, publishes the cookbooks. You now can raise money by offering personalized community cookbooks!
cookbook fundraising (*Note, view the 'net profit' example above to start your fundraiser.)

Note, fundraising programs (cookbook fundraising, school fundraising, or church fundraising) have high success rates.

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Fundraising Cookbooks


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